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Michael Breed a rejoint Golf Channel en 1999 et anime The Golf Fix, la série d’instructions  animée du réseau depuis 2009. Un incontournable du lundi soir sur Golf Channel, The Golf Fix a été finaliste du prix du programme Cablefax pour «Best Education / «Instructional Series» en 2014. Breed est une habituée de la programmation en direct de Golf Channel , diffusée sur les plus grands événements du jeu. Elle contribue également à la couverture par le réseau des finales nationales du championnat Drive, Chip and Putt du Augusta National Golf Club. ainsi que la couverture par Golf Channel du championnat RE / MAX World Long Drive et du championnat national professionnel PGA.

Breed est actuellement directeur de l’instruction à la Michael Breed Golf Academy de Trump Golf Links à Ferry Point à New York. Auparavant, il a été directeur de l’instruction au Manhatten Woods Golf Club, à West Nyack, dans l’État de New York. Il est l’auteur de deux livres, The Picture Perfect Golf Swing et The Three Degree Putting Solution . et Sports Illustrated .

En tant que l’un des 100 meilleurs instructeurs du magazine Golf Magazine et des 50 meilleurs instructeurs du Golf Digest , Breed a reçu le prix Metropolitan PGA Horton Smith en 2007 et 2008 et a été nommé enseignant de l’année Metropolitan PGA en 2000. Également nommé enseignant de la section Metropolitan PGA de l’année, il a remporté deux fois le prix Ely Calloway en 2010 et 2011 et a été nommé enseignant national de l’année 2012 par la PGA.

Au cours de sa carrière d’instructeur, Breed a travaillé avec plus de 30 joueurs des tournois PGA TOUR, LPGA, et Champions Tour.


Keeping your head still could be limiting your power and restricting your ability to bring the club from the inside to...

Gepostet von Michael Breed am Freitag, 9. August 2019

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Breed’s Blog: Conseils des trois premiers

Michael Breed, animateur de The Golf Fix, a quelques idées sur ce que vous pouvez apprendre des joueurs qui occupent les trois premières places du classement mondial.

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Breed’s Blog: Apprenez des meilleurs

Michael Breed, animateur de The Golf Fix, vous conseillera des conseils utiles pour les concurrents du Grand Slam of Golf de la PGA de cette année.

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Évitez ces 3 putts redoutés

Michael Breed, animateur de The Golf Fix, a de bonnes idées pour vous cette semaine, notamment un exercice conçu pour vous aider à éviter le 3-putting.

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Breed’s Blog: Prenez un cintre, réparez votre jeu

Michael Breed, animateur de The Golf Fix, a quelques exercices hors-saison pour vous, vous expliquant notamment comment vous pouvez utiliser un cintre pour continuer à vous améliorer.
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Breed’s Blog: Apprenez de la Ryder Cup

Michael Breed, animateur de The Golf Fix, utilise la Ryder Cup de cette semaine pour vous montrer des choses qui peuvent aider à améliorer votre jeu de golf.
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Breed’s Blog: Les clés du succès de la Ryder Cup

Michael Breed, animateur de The Golf Fix, vous apprend des exercices pour améliorer votre jeu de golf.
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Breed’s Blog: Améliorez votre installation

Michael Breed, animateur de The Golf Fix, vous apprend la configuration de golf correcte qui vous aidera à être un joueur plus cohérent.
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Breed’s Blog: Apprenez du swing de Rory

Michael Breed, animateur de The Golf Fix, vous explique en détail comment pratiquer le chipping. En apprenant de ce que fait Rory McIlory, vous pouvez améliorer votre jeu court.
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Breed’s Blog: Enregistrez votre swing correctement

Michael Breed, animateur de The Golf Fix, vous montre des exercices de descente qui vous aideront à frapper la balle de manière plus uniforme.
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Breed’s Blog: Le pouvoir sans effort

Michael Breed, animateur de The Golf Fix, vous explique comment augmenter votre distance de golf. Ce faisant, vous pourrez frapper la balle aussi loin que les joueurs du PGA Tour.


Face Alignment Drill. Continuing our conversation on club face, this drill focuses on the angle at which you set your club at address. Using an aid like this during practice will help you get a feel for matching up the correct swing path and face angle for pulling off different shots!

Use Leverage to Create Effortless Power #GripTip
Grab a hammer! This is an easy way to feel the proper way to grip a golf club in order to create leverage producing more power and distance.
Tonight we’re looking at Slammin’ Sam Snead’s lead knee! Try this drill to increase ball speed and distance, become more consistent, and get rid of that slice!
Pushing your trail side through the shot instead of pulling the lead side will help you gain distance and hit those towering high draws!
This simple drill can add width to your swing and shallow out your angle of attack to help you transfer more energy into the ball. This will increase your ball speed and distance without any increase in club head speed.
Trouble Pulling the Trigger? Try Adding a Forward Press
Adding a little forward press to your putting stroke is a simple way to engage the stroke instead of starting from a static position. Doing so will free you up and allow you to control start line and speed much better!
Control the FACE, Control the Ball
I hear it all the time – « the path sends it, the face bends it » – that’s not entirely true! Understanding how the face of the golf club interacts with the ball and the swing path will help you start your shots on a better line and result in better play!
Start Your Putts on the Right Line
Here’s a great drill to help you control your putter face and start the ball on your desired line. Consistently controlling your putter face will help you drain more putts and lower your scores!
Line ’em Up & Knock ’em Down!
Last week many of you pointed out my aim was off during my putting segment…so tonight we’re fixing that!
Lay the Shaft Down to Hit High Draws
Focus on your elbow position and forearm rotation to shallow out your swing and hit those beautiful high draws!
An In-Depth Look at Hitting into Hook & Slice Wind
If you want lower scores – it’s absolutely essential to know how to play in the wind! Hook Wind, Fade Wind, high shot, low shot… so many combinations – the situations are ever changing… I’m teaching you how to ‘work the wind’ and be rewarded with more accuracy and lower scores…
Air Time vs Ground Time | Understand Your Short Game!
Figuring out the air to ground time ratio with each of your clubs will help you be more consistent and CONFIDENT when trying to select the right club for your shot. Go through your bag and determine how much each club rolls out to help you understand how far to fly each shot.
Fix THESE 2 THINGS and Instantly Make More Putts!
You’ve hit a great approach shot leaving yourself with a great chance at a birdie and…it never has a chance. Fix THESE key mistakes that I see so many amateurs make and give yourself a much better chance at holing those coveted birdies!
Control Your Putter Face with THIS Drill
Matt Kuchar, Bryson DeChambeau and many others are using techniques adapted from this drill to help control the putter face through impact! Try it out using an alignment stick or extra shaft against your lead forearm. Tag someone who…needs help on the greens!
How To Make More Putts…in the Wind! #TheOpen
It’s Open Championship Week! Being a GREAT putter means putting great in ALL conditions, including in the wind! Here are 2 key things to focus on to help you be more consistent when putting in windy conditions!
Increase Your Accuracy For Easy Tap-ins!
Controlling your horizontal and vertical launch, and understanding how that effects your shot, will help you knock it close and lower your scores!
Downhill putt? Don’t EVER Do This…!
I HATE when people advise players to hit downhill putts off the toe – it creates unnecessary inconsistency in an area of the game that’s already hard enough! Here are some things to focus on instead!
How Adjusting Your GRIP Can Control Your Trajectory #GripTip
Having trouble controlling trajectory around the greens? Adjusting where your grip is aligned in your lead hand can be an easy way to change the launch angle of your shot. Try it next time out!
Practice With Your 9 Iron Around the Greens For Complete Control
Practicing your short game using only a 9 iron will help you have a better understanding for how to control things like trajectory, spin, and distance. Go out and Try it!
Short Game! Save Strokes Where It Counts
Wrapping up our Independence Week with my top tips on #shortgame from this year so far! Hope you all had a wonderful long week!
« The Spinner » and Par 3’s Over Water (Sawgrass 17th Ace)!
Happy 4th of July Week! This week we’re compiling the « Best Of » tips and drills for you to review before you go out and play some long holiday weekend golf! Tonight is all about « The Spinner » and Par 3’s Over Water (Sawgrass 17th Ace)! I hope you all get to spend some quality time with your family and out on the golf course!
Attack Angles with Michael Breed
Tonight we’re touching on a few KEY angles to focus on when you’re on playing your next round!
How To Gain More Distance with Michael Breed
Happy 4th of July Week! This week we’re compiling the « Best Of » tips and drills for you to review before you go out and play some long holiday weekend golf! Tonight is all about DISTANCE! I hope you all get to spend some quality time with your family and out on the golf course!
Control Your Spin, Control Your Distance.
Controlling the spin and hitting your landing spots will help you lower your scores around the green. Making the easy shots easier will help you enjoy the game even more!
The Great Compression – How To Compress the Golf Ball
How do you maximize distance and feel in each shot? We need to be compressing the golf ball! Here are a few key things to focus on in order to become more successful in compressing the ball, leading to more distance and ball speed!
Hitting Your Chips Too Far? Try This Jason Day Technique
Taking the wrist hinge out of your motion, and making a putter-like stroke will help you get the ball closer on those « simple » chips around the green.
How to Activate Your Glutes Like Tiger Woods
Utilize a half foam roller to help you feel the weight distribution in your hips and lower half to improve your strike and distance.
Gain More Clubhead Speed by…Wearing the Right HAT?!
This week we’re having some fun – #CoolisinSession!! Tonight we’re transforming your #HatGame! Are you a flat brim guy or curved? Show me your favorite hat to golf in and I’ll send a few of you a new Titleist hat!
Can You Walk The Walk? Who on the PGA Tour do you think has the « best walk? » Rory? DJ? Here are a few things to think about next time you’re walking down the fairway!
IMPORTANT: How To…Club Twirl!
The fun continues! Tonight, the COOLEST thing you can do on a golf course…The Club Twirl! Tag someone who needs to see this!!
Waggle? Shimmy? What’s Your Pre-shot Routine?
Tag a friend with the craziest pre-shot routine! Our #COOLisinSession week wraps up with some tips on how to look COOL as you’re getting into your shot. From the Dufner waggle, to the Keegan two-step, there are some unique routines on the PGA Tour! Hope you enjoyed this week, more instruction to come next week!
How to hit a FLOP shot off of a TIGHT lie!
Next time you are faced with this difficult shot, concentrate on THESE key things and be confident that you’ll stick it close!
Fade? Draw? How To Shape Your Shot!
Here it is – Michael Breed breaks down the key fundamentals to focus on when learning how to shape your shot!
The Proper Setup For Pitching Out of the Rough
When dealing with the unpredictability of hitting out of the rough, it’s critical to make certain accommodations to give yourself the best chance at pulling off the shot!
How to Hit Out of the Rough – It’s U.S. Open Week!
U.S. Open’s are known for their thick and gnarly rough. The key to consistency out of the rough is assessing your lie and adjusting accordingly.
Use The Force – Ground Force!
Increase your clubhead speed by LOSING the connection between the ground and your front foot. Use this tennis ball drill to learn how to load onto your front side and explode up for added distance!
LOSE This Connection For More Speed!
Our week of connections continues but this time I want you to LOSE this connection! The lead arm needs to leave your rib cage and climb the chest for more speed and distance!
Connection Between Hands & Club? Time for a #GripTip
Controlling the connection between your hands and the club, and your hands to each other will help you find more consistency in your game.
Partial Wedges – Who Needs Help?
This week is all about connections. Work on keeping your triceps and ribcage connected to help you be more consistent when hitting those feel shots.
Make More Birdies – How to dial in your wedges pre-round
Getting a feel for how far you’re hitting your wedges will help you knock it close and shave strokes off your game!
Before You Go Play…Go Play!
Visualizing the shots you’ll have to hit on the first few holes while you’re on the practice range will set you up to be more successful to start your round! Try it next time out!
Straighten Your Driver Out BEFORE The Round, Not During
If you struggle with your longer clubs, don’t let that stop you from warming up with them before you round. Work on getting a full shoulder turn, and keeping your chest down through your shot.
This Week We’re Talkin’ About PRACTICE
When you’re preparing for a round of golf, it’s important to hit shots of consequence. CREATING shots on the range will help you MAKE shots on the golf course.
How To Be The Best Putter YOU Can Possibly Be
Bobby Locke was the best putter to ever live. Let’s dive in and find out what made him so successful and how to apply his technique to your game!
Control Your Trajectory For More Accuracy and « Softer » Greens…
A big part of Jack and Tiger’s amazing success has been their ability to create high trajectories resulting in greater accuracy and softer landings on the green… I’m going to show you how to increase YOUR launch angle and apex just like the legends…
Always Getting Holes in your Golf Gloves? Here’s WHY!
I’m here to help you save strokes AND money! Here’s why you’re wearing holes into the heel of your golf gloves!
Aim and Perspective – Jack and Tiger’s Technique for Success!
The biggest challenge we have is getting ourselves aimed properly… I’ll show you how Jack and Tiger keep their aim right on target!
30 yards out? Let’s Get Up and Down.
Do you find yourself shanking simple wedge shots inside 30 yards? Let’s shallow out that swing and get your club on the right path. Get up and down and improve those scores!
Shanks are a thing of the Pa…th!
It’s time to use your noodle to help you understand the path of the club necessary to get rid of those shanks!
Tonight We’re Getting Serious…How To Scoop & Juggle a Golf Ball!
Long drives? tight chips? Who cares. We all know the coolest thing you can do on the golf course is juggle the ball! AND this skill can actually help improve your game!
Time To Talk About The « S » Word!
Tonight we’re helping you cure your SHANKS!
DJ’s Wrist Flexion To Help You Improve Your Impact
We’re finishing up
How to Use a Gear Tie, CD, and Flashlight to Improve Your Spine Angle!
Correcting your spine angle is one of the most important things you can do to improve your ball striking – and all you need is a gear tie, a CD, and a Flashlight!
Create EFFORTLESS Power with The Power Angle
By quickly adjusting your grip, you can create a more powerful wrist angle giving you effortless ball speed and distance.
Instantly improve 40% of your shots by playing the right putter for YOU!
Getting properly fit for your putter is paramount to lowering your scores…. I’m going to show you a variety of putter designs and how to determine what’s best for your own individual putting stroke!
How to Choose the Right Irons For YOU
There are a million different options out there – Let’s dive into the key things you need to understand when you’re making this major decision!
All 3 Woods Are NOT Created Equal.
Here are 3 questions to ask yourself when trying to find the right 3 wood for you!
Hybrid or Long Iron? How to Decide!
Tonight we’re talking about how and when to integrate hybrids into your golf bag!
How to Hit it Straight off an UNEVEN Lie
Uphill, Downhill, Ball Above or Below Your Feet? Here’s what you NEED to know!
How to Use the GROUND to Increase Your Clubhead Speed
I’m telling you, you’ve got more distance in ya! Let’s work on using the ground and our lower half to generate more clubhead speed, leading to more distance.
« Across the Line » – What it Means and How to Fix it!
We’ve all heard it – Let’s talk about what it means to be across the line at the top and how to fix it!
How To Hit Tiger’s Go-to Shot Under Pressure!
We all need that go-to shot that we can rely on when we’re coming down the stretch. For a lot of PGA Tour players, including Tiger, it’s a squeeze cut. Here are some tips on controling your tee ball that should help you close out your rounds!
Sync Up Your Putter Face, Path and Speed For Major Results!
Let’s face it, if you really want to lower your scores, you should be automatic with those putts inside 5 feet… I’ll show you what it takes to sync up your putter’s face and path – along with how a short or slow stroke – will have you mastering ball speed and those breaking putts!
A Cut or Hook Putting Stroke Can Dramatically Change Your Reads on the Green…
Your playing partner says « Looks like its about 3 balls left »… You hit it 3 balls to the left but miss! Its not ONLY the line – its YOUR individual putting stroke and understanding it can make a world of difference!…
Does Your 18th Hole Go Uphill? How to Finish Your Round Strong!
Most 9th and 18th holes go uphill back to the clubhouse…Here are some tips to finish strong and post some lower scores!
The Angle of the « L » and Knee Flex Tells You A Lot!
Putting is all about reading your line and knowing how to interpret your body’s natural weight distribution to help you visualize how the ball actually gets to the hole… Learn the « L » angles and the knee flex for lower scores!…
Mastering The Basic Chip…. it’s all in the wrists!
Next to putting, creating consistency with the basic chip is the touch shot that can make a good round – a great round! Here are 3 tips to help you master yours…
Do you have The Need for Speed? You better – if you want more distance!
If you want to increase your speed, then it’s time to turn a double play with these 2 movements… more speed = more distance…
Why Don’t You Release Me?! How to Release For POWER.
A ball, a hurdle, and a rope! Let’s control that face, lever your club in the downswing, and release on the target side.
Back, Back, Back…How to Hit The Long Ball!
We’re all looking for more distance off the tee! Here’s a tip that will have you out-driving your buddies this season!
It’s Spring! Pay Attention to THIS as You Start Your Season.
It’s finally warming up! Ball position is a key fundamental to focus on as you knock off the rust and start playing again this year.
Time to Add Some Sauce!!
We’ve mastered the release chip…now it’s time to learn how to put a little action on the ball for when we need to get it to stop.
It’s a Bird(ie), It’s a Plane…Let’s Talk Swing Plane!
Understanding swing plane and how the club should track through impact will help you become more consistent and improve your ball striking.
Fan Question – What’s the Best Wedge Setup?
Let’s start with your 9 iron and work our way down. Everyone’s optimum wedge setup is different! Comment your setup below!
Up Against It? Just Use the Edge of the Wedge!
Being prepared for unconventional shots will save you a bunch of strokes during your round. So, when your up against the collar around the green, learn to putt – yes putt – with the blade of your wedge.
Using the Chest to Maximize the Half Wedge Shot
Make the most out of your Half Wedge shots around the green by creating a consistent chest turn – this ensures proper follow through and better results for lower scores!…
Rollin’ Rollin’ – Add THIS Shot to Your Short Game Arsenal
More Consistent, More Reliable – Improve your scores by mastering this Release Chip.
High & Tight? Time to channel our inner Phil!
Stop dreading that high chip shot off a tight lie. It’s time to transform your short game!
Driver or 3 Wood? Make the right call when it counts!
The 18th hole at TPC Sawgrass is all about proper club selection and shot management… I’m showing you how proper risk evaluation teaches us to use our heads – not our hearts – when we should! Good decisions make for lower scores!…
Shot Difficulty Matrix – Make Smarter Decisions!
Go or No?! Using the Shot Difficulty Matrix will help you make smarter decisions and Lower Your Scores!…
Risk it For The Biscuit! How do you play Par 5s?
Looking at the 16th here at TPC Sawgrass, lets talk Par 5 Strategy! Are you a risk-taker? Or do you rely on your wedge game?…
IMMEDIATELY Improve Your Putting With These 3 Tips!
Lets wrap up Putting Week with my 3 biggest keys to being a more consistent putter!…
The Need for Speed…. with both the putter AND the ball!
To create a consistent and reliable putting stroke, you’re going to have to have the need for speed! Proper speed control for both the putter head and the ball are essential to developing a consistent, birdie-making putting stroke…
Breaking Putts? 
Imagine, 92% of all first putts have break – so if you want to lower your scores, follow these three tips that will have you draining these benders much more frequently!…
Consistency creates success when you « putt for dough » inside 5 feet!
Developing a consistent putting routine will help you remove all of those mind games on the greens… These 3 tips will help your confidence and have you making more putts…
Ball below your feet? Don’t Panic… I’ve got a fix for you!
Uneven lies are a guarantee in the game… and having the ball below your feet – that’s one of the toughest shots we face – not for long! I’ve got the fix for you…
It’s called the Rough for a reason!
I’m going to show you how to take the fear out of those nasty shots from the rough with 3 simple tips….
Be Confident and Courageous with the High Pitch Shot!
It takes a lot of courage to fully swing through a High Pitch shot or « Flop Shot »… blade it and that ball is long gone! I’m going to show you 3 steps that will give you much more confidence and consistent success!
Draw or Fade? It’s as easy as 1,2,3!
Learn how to transform your shot shape with these 3 simple changes…
40 yards out – Here’s what you’re doing WRONG!
High or Low, Let’s talk about how to get up and down from just off the green….


You found the fairway! Now it’s time to stick it close. Here’s how to control your scoring irons….

See If I Can Make A Hole-in-One!
We’ve all hit a great golf shot or two. The key is repeating it! Today is all about setting up your pre-shot routine to produce more consistent results out on the course.
We’re Back! New Studio, New Segments, Same Objective – Let’s Do This!
We’re Back! New Studio, New Segments, Same Objective – Help YOU Improve Your Golf Game. Tonight we’re tackling the one of the biggest problems for amateur golfers – that’s right, it’s time to straighten out that driver.